California Family Council, California Family Alliance Release 2016 California Voter Guide

California Family Alliance is excited to announce the release of our 2016 California Voter Guide available at! The California Voter Guide is an outreach of California Family Alliance, a 501(c)4 non-profit organization. Both California Voter Guide and California Family Council are non-partisan and non-sectarian. You can also view or download the voter guide at the following link:

SB 1146 Target List

Friends of CFA:  We’ve been fighting tirelessly against SB 1146, the bill that restricts student choice to attend Christian colleges and universities through the Cal Grants program.  We wanted to post our target list of California State Assemblymen we want YOU to contact in their district this July.  View this list, and if you or your church are in

Support the Conscience Protection Act!

We wanted to encourage our supporters to contact their legislators on a critical piece of legislation that the US House of Representatives will review tomorrow, S. 304 – The Conscience Protection Act.  This bill would stop government discrimination against health-care professionals who refuse to participate in abortion, and against insurance purchasers who do not wish to pay to

SB 1146: Take Action NOW!

Next Tuesday, June 28, California’s Assembly Judiciary Committee will hold a hearing for SB 1146, a bill that bans religious schools that accept Cal Grants from maintaining their beliefs regarding marriage and sexuality. Make no mistake: SB 1146 would fundamentally damage a religious school’s ability to self-govern and to maintain its religious identity.  What Can YOU Do? TAKE ACTION

California Family Alliance Endorsements

At California Family Alliance, we work to defend your values in at the Capitol. In our fight against so much of the craziness coming out of Sacramento, it can be hard to find allies who truly stand with us when the pressure is on. That’s why we wanted to take this time right before Tuesday’s June

June 2016 Voter Resources

It’s that time of year–the primary is this Tuesday, June 7!  Below are a variety of voter resources that we think could be helpful for our supporters.  While we do not necessarily endorse all the views herein (and explicitly oppose some of them!), we hope you can find these resources helpful in filling out your